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Star Electrosolve

Widely used as a replacement for 111 trichloroethane in general cleaning, particularly when large components are involved and solvent vapour may be harmful

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Star Electrosolve is a highly refined, non-aromatic solvent cleaner specifically formulated for use on electric and electronic components where the use of traditional chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents is restricted for toxicity or operational reasons. Star Electrosolve may also be used as a degreaser for metals, plastics and painted surfaces including chlorinated rubber finishes.


Star Electrosolve was originally developed for use on electronic and electric components, where restricted space and associated toxicity prohibited the use of chlorinated hydrocarbons for cleaning and degreasing. It may also be used for the removal of hydraulic oils and other soiling on a wide range of hard surfaces. Star Electrosolve has no detrimental effect on:

  • Magnesium AZ31B stainless steel 316L
  • Mild steel BS1449
  • Titanium ZA46
  • Aluminium L156 cadmium plated steel
  • Acrylic paint polyurethane paint
  • Stress multiply plastic stressed plastic canopy

Star Electrosolve has been used widely as a replacement for 111 trichloroethane in general cleaning, particularly where large components are involved and solvent vapour production may be harmful.

It is not designed to be used via vapour degreasing systems, but may be used on both steel and aluminium surfaces prior to painting. Adhesion of etch primers is not affected and Star Electrosolve is not aggressive to Viton or neoprene rubber.


25 ltr

Directions for use

Most operations with Star Electrosolve can be used at normal ambient temperatures. However, sometimes an increased evaporation rate by using warm air or higher operating temperatures is employed.

Test surface prior to large scale application.

Use as supplied without dilution.

Apply by brush spray or dip tank to article to be cleaned.

Agitate stubborn deposits with soft brush before allowing to dry naturally or with air assistance.

Star Electro Solve can also be used very efficiently in ultrasonic tank systems where capitation caused by ultrasonics provides for a rapid and thorough degreasing and cleaning operation.

At 22°C the evaporation rate of Star Electro Solve is 9g/m2/hr, which may be increased to 45g/m2/hr. at 40°C. This latter temperature represents a practical upper operating temperature limit being sufficiently below the flashpoint to give an adequate safety margin both from flammability aspects or explosive risks. Vapour extraction is recommended when using warm Star Electrosolve.

Use PVC gloves when handling. Do not smoke. Do not spray near naked flames or sources of ignition.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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