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Electric Vehicle Car Fire Blanket

Contains electric and hybrid vehicle fires, and minimises collateral damage.

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The most common form of fire in electric or hybrid vehicles is when the high energy battery is damaged, or a manufacturing fault results in a short circuit.

The battery can then go into ‘Thermal Runaway’. This is a phenomenon where damaged cells heat up rapidly to such an extent that a fire starts. The fire then compromises adjoining cells and a ‘domino effect’ occurs spreading to the whole battery array.

The electrolyte in a lithium-Ion battery usually contains hydrocarbon solvents which fuels the fire. If unchecked, extremely high temperatures can result.

Utilising an electric vehicle (EV) vehicle fire blanket minimises the combustion potential by depriving the fire of oxygen. This inhibits the fire and consequently temperatures drop rapidly, reducing potential damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

The EV vehicle fire blanket can be used multiple times to quarantine suspicious vehicles or to pre-empt fire risk situations. If a significant fire develops the blanket should be cleaned
and checked for damage before storing.

The EV vehicle fire blanket can be easily deployed by two people.


  • Specifically designed to safely contain electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery fires in enclosed spaces such as car decks.
  • Acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of fire and limit the escape of smoke and gas to protect crew and passengers.
  • Starves any potential electric vehicle fire of oxygen.
  • Mitigates damage to the immediate vicinity.
  • Additional peace of mind for crew and passengers.
  • Essential fire safety equipment for marine and offshore use.
  • Compact storage box for quick stowage.
  • Storage box is easy to install and access in the event of a suspected fire.
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