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Water Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguisher 9 litre (MED approved)

Suitable for tackling Class A fires on board a vessel

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Water was, from the beginning of time, the most commonly used extinguishant for Class A fires involving carbonaceous materials such as wood, paper and textiles. Water cools the fire, removing the heat needed to sustain burning and preventing glowing embers from re-igniting.

Marine model available.


  • 7 year quality guarantee against material defects and workmanship
  • Die cast zinc colour coded headcap
  • Large neck ring enables servicing, refilling and internal inspection to be conducted with ease
  • 55 gram CO2 cartridge
  • All weather service indicator studs
  • Additional anti-corrosion treatment available
  • High quality internal polythene lining to protect against corrosion
  • Frost protection is available
  • Main approvals and certifications as below


Please see data sheet below.

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