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Star FUELSTAT Testing Kit

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Star FUELSTAT is a field test that quickly and accurately detects microbial contamination in marine diesel fuels. Star FUELSTAT does not require offsite testing or sterile conditions, allowing fuel quality to be verified in as little as 10 minutes in port or at sea.

Star FUELSTAT detects hormoconis resinae (diesel bug), bacteria, fungi, and yeast contaminants and offers a reliable and economical microbial testing solution, drastically reducing the cost of testing when compared to lab based methods.

Star FUELSTAT Result

For digital reporting, the Star FUELSTAT Result app can be used. This is available free on both iOS and Android platforms and offers instant verification of results and data transfer via SMS or email whilst simultaneously sending a report to a secure portal for access and download at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Key benefits

  • Fast and accurate results – Verified contamination reporting in 10 minutes
  • Results verified on site – No laboratory required
  • Economical – No additional equipment, transport or laboratory fees
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination – No sterile testing conditions or specialist expertise required
  • Broad spectrum identification – Detects diesel bug, bacteria, fungi and yeasts, and the severity of contamination
  • Versatile – Tests both fuel and free water
  • Recyclable – Can be safely disposed
  • Internationally recognised test method – Fully compliant to ASTM D8070
  • FUELSTAT® Result – Smartphone app, which enables fast, transparent and auditable reporting within minutes, anywhere in the world via a secure portal

Minimise the risks of fuel contamination

As the maritime industry looks to reduce its environmental impact, lower sulphur, high bio marine diesel fuels have entered the market, potentially increasing the risk of microbial contamination. Microbial contamination can cause serious problems in diesel engines, such as corrosion, filter blocking and can even lead to engine failure. By using Star FUELSTAT, operators can detect the presence of microbial contamination at the point of refuelling and during a vessel’s onward voyage, providing the information needed to take action before any problems emerge.

Managing fuel contamination

Star International offers a range of fuel additives that can support fuel stewardship activity and ensure the quality of fuel onboard ship. Star Mariner Eliminator is an effective fuel biocide that can remove diesel bug, fungi and yeasts from Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) fuels, and Star Mariner Neptune is designed to remove water from fuel oil.

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