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Product code: 00960229

Aquafighter Fuel Tank Filters

Keeps diesel fuel and tanks water-free to aid fuel quality management and fuel tank maintenance

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Aquafighter actively captures and removes both free and emulsified water from diesel fuel directly inside all diesel fuel systems and keeps it water-free at all times.

Free and entrained water accumulates in your tank through air condensation, fuel supply, ineffective filtration, leaks, accidents and improper system design. Unfortunately, this provides the ideal conditions for microbial contamination (‘diesel bug’) to grow, leading to significant problems including blocked filters, pump damage, engine failures, tank corrosion and poor fuel efficiency.

What are the benefits?

Water is the enemy of stored fuel, but Aquafighter:

  • Delivers long-term & short-term savings on maintenance and capital equipment
  • Prevents diesel bug from forming (see the FAQs at the bottom of the page for further info)
  • Works directly in the tank (no fuel removal needed)
  • Eliminates the need for most additives, minimises the use of biocides
  • Non-toxic, safe to handle and safe for the environment
  • Reduces filter replacement by around 60%
  • Reduces the need for tank cleaning
  • Protects tanks from corrosion
  • Exceeds EN590 standards – 100% efficient at reducing water to <75ppm
  • Stops the domino-effect of water damage from the tank through the fuel system to the engine

How does Aquafighter work?

Aquafighter filters contain a uniquely formulated powder composed mainly of superabsorbent polymer (SAP) which absorbs and locks the water away from the fuel matrix – it can absorb up to 300 times its own weight of water.

A water-indicating dye provides a visual display of water absorption by turning the product red in the presence of water. This gives a clear indication for users inspecting their tank to recognise how ‘full’ the filter is when they need to be replaced. The powder is packaged in a specially designed fabric membrane allowing water to be absorbed whilst keeping the expanded polymer and trapped water secured within the filter ready for removal.

Aquafighter products come in wide range of sizes and shapes to suit tank openings, sizes & configurations – more details in the Specification tab.

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Product codes:

  • Aquafighter Anaconda 00960225
  • Aquafighter Twin Anaconda 00960226
  • Aquafighter Medium Canvas 00960228
  • Aquafighter Large Canvas 00960227
  • Aquafighter Finger 00960220
  • Aquafighter Snake 00960221
  • Aquafighter Twin Snake 00960222
  • Aquafighter Triple Snake 00960223
  • Aquafighter Quad Snake 00960224
  • Aquafighter Fuel Station Mat 00960229
  • Aquafilter Refillable Dipstick Indicator 00960232
  • Aquafilter Dipstick Indicator Refills x5 00960233

Prior to installing Aquafighter, we recommend that you assess the current state of the fuel and storage tank using.  Take a drain or bottom sample from the fuel tank, test each sample for microbial contamination using a Fuelstat test kit. Where sludge and contamination are detected, empty, clean and refill the tank before installing Aquafighter.

Installation instructions

  • Remove Aquafighter from the sealed bag and disperse the powder evenly throughout each chamber of the fabric pouch.
  • Insert Aquafighter into the bottom of your fuel tank away from the fuel intake.
  • Tie off the Aquafighter under the fuel cap or outside of the fuel cap leaving only enough slack to lay the Aquafighter flat on the bottom of the fuel tank .
  • Check the Aquafighter periodically for water content and replace when at or close to capacity. (Aquafighter is designed for each chamber to fill exactly halfway for easy removal)
  • Dispose of Aquafighter in the proper waste receptacle required by local law.
  • Immediately replace Aquafighter in the tank to keep fuel pure and remain protected from water at all times.

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Step 3

For more details, see download full installation instructions.

  1. Aquafighter offers a very efficient passive treatment to maintain your fuel on-specification with respect to water concentration, preventing microbial growth and corrosion deteriorating your fuel tanks & systems.
  2. Aquafighter causes the immediate separation of emulsified water molecules from the fuel molecules
    upon contact. Typically, it will reduce the total water content of biodiesel blends to around 65ppm.
  3. Aquafighter secures and isolates the water neutralizing it from any potential damage to your tank, fuel, filters or engine. Permanently isolates water in its protective gel, so your fuel & tank is always protected.
  4. Aquafighter powder does not alter the fuel characteristics nor its properties.
  5. Aquafighter products come in various sizes and shapes to suit tank openings, sizes & configurations.
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