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Product code: 00920035

Star Oxygen Control Cat Sulphite 37% Liquid

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Star Oxygen Control Sulphite is used as an oxygen scavenger in boiler water treatment, reacting with oxygen to form inert sodium sulphate. The catalyst ensures rapid reaction times so that complete oxygen removal can be achieved. Rapid oxygen removal means minimal corrosion plus extended boiler life.

In boilers where condensate system protection is necessary, Star Condensate Control should be used but applied completely separate to Star Oxygen Control Sulphite.

Note: Oxygen Control may also be used for the removal of chlorine, 4ml of Oxygen Control removes 1g of free chlorine.


  • 25 ltrs (00920035)

Directions for use

Star Oxygen Control Sulphite is a slightly acid liquid and thus must NOT be mixed with any alkaline treatment when dosing the feed system, as this will cause precipitation of the catalyst.

The solution can be fed neat or diluted with water. Dilution should not exceed 30 times and must be used immediately.

Application by proportioning pump into the feed system is ideal, but addition by dosing pot or alternative means to the feed system or direct to the boiler is acceptable. Addition at de-aerator outlet on feed pump suction to give protection to as much of the system as possible is recommended.

Star Oxygen Control Sulphite must be dosed at the rate of 83 mls/tonne if liquid, 45 gr./tonne if powder. This dosage is required to maintain the desired 20-30 mg/l of sodium sulphite in the boiler.

Note: Where boilers are left idle for any length of time a sulphite reserve of 100-200 PPM sodium sulphite should be maintained in the water to protect against corrosion.

The single tube low pressure boilers, ie. quick vaporisation boilers (without accumulation of steam) are subject to corrosion even after only one or two years of operation under the action of oxygen, which becomes more active in the presence of a carbonic acid.

That can occur despite the use of distilled water and treatment with Star One Shot BWT. In order to reduce the corrosive effect of oxygen, when that type of boiler is used for production of steam only occasionally, one should leave in the water a reserve of sulphite of 100 to 200 PPM (mg/l) to protect the serpentine from corrosion, when the boiler is in use, the level of sulphite should be maintained at 20 to 30 PPM.

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product for detailed information on safety and health.

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