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RS Series of Drop-In Replacements

Our RS Series of drop-in replacements are refrigerants designed to replace R22 and R404A, R507 and all 400 series gases.

RS Series of Refrigerants

The RS Series of refrigerants are drop-in, low global warming potential, non-ozone depleting and non-flammable. Excluding RS-50, all can be used both with traditional lubricants (e.g. mineral and alkyl benzene oils) and the new synthetic lubricants such as polyol esters. They provide a simple and low-cost method of switching away from CFCs, R22 and R404A, R507 and all 400 series gases.

Key benefits:

  • F-Gas compliant up to 2030
  • ASHRAE A1 and Standard 34 approved (non-flammable and low toxicity)
  • Environmentally friendly – low GWP and low ODP
  • Suitable for retrofit and installation applications
  • Little to no hardware changes for retrofit drop-in replacement of legacy refrigerants
  • Compatibility with MO, AB and POE lubricants

RS Series gases offer a solution to operators who are looking to ensure F-Gas compliance for existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems until 2030. Contact our team for advice.

Gas Cylinders

Cylinder weights available for all gases: 13kg disposable, 10kg/50kg refillable.

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